Wealth management is offered as a professional service which includes investment, accounting and tax-related advice and help. It covers detailing required for retirement planning as well as planning for finances for everyday life including travel bucket lists, health and house, and also planning for your children and parents. Different clients work with a single wealth manager who provides necessary advice and input to clients on investment planning and different financial decisions.

We offer this service as an all-in-one program typically called ‘Financial Fitness’ at SBS Fin, where you work with our financial fitness expert on your financial goals, work out a plan for the year and then invest accordingly. Sometimes, our wealth managers also provide financial solutions and provide inputs on other related matters like tax planning, budgeting for special life events etc.

How Does Wealth Management Work?

Wealth management is not just investment advice, it covers all the aspects related to one’s finances. The basic idea of wealth management is to monitor and handle all your money-related issues in an organized and clinical manner. Instead of seeking different services from different service providers, wealth management, with the help of a single manager, can look after all the aspects from investments to expenditure on your money matters. This is required to plan your future for the needs of your near and dear ones.

Our wealth managers thus play a very important role here; these officials are responsible for using your finances smartly with their experience and knowledge, to give you the maximum benefit on your finances. They are highly qualified professionals with unparalleled knowledge on finance management. Some of these managers are experts of certain areas while many of them provide their advice on every financial need of their client.

Examples of Wealth Management:

The best example for the wealth management comes from investment firms and large banks. Suppose you are an employee of an investment firm, thus the chances of you having a fair bit of idea about the market strategy is more than the guy who works in a bank. The bank guy, on the other hand, will have better knowledge about banking systems, credit options, estate management or insurance options.

The primary focus of both these employees is their clients and to provide them with beneficial advice, so that they continue to take our services.

Wealth Management Business Structure:

Wealth managers may work as part of a small-scale business or as part of a larger firm, but most often, one is directly associated with the financial arena. Depending upon the business needs of the clients, our wealth manager can operate under various designations like financial advisor, investment advisor etc. or they can also work as a whole team of wealth managers providing service of their expertise to several number of people at once.

The services undertaken by the clients for wealth management is generally worked through our single manager, who coordinates between the client’s attorney and different financial experts.

Strategies Used by Wealth Managers:

Our wealth managers generally start with a roadmap which include the client’s total financial worth, the comfort of risk taking, decision making and use all these to maintain or increase the financial worth of the client. Once the blue print for managing the finances has been created by the manager, he regularly meets with clients to discuss future prospects in investments, review, goals and every other aspect. The main aim of our manager is to keep his respective clients happy and profitable so that they keep taking our services for the lifetime.

Mutual Funds:

Mutual funds form an important part of wealth management. We help you in selecting a scheme according to your requirements, risks involved, and goals. In order to avail good returns, invest on mutual funds for proper financial growth and capital appreciation plus protection.

Corporate Deposits:

A corporate deposit allows you to invest in a company for a fixed tenure at a certain rate of interest. Several organizations can raise capital through such deposits.

You can choose from a range of terms and rates to suit your investment needs. This shall provide stability to your portfolio in a volatile market in the long run.

Disclaimer: We are a financial distribution company and have tied up SEBI Registered Investment Advisors for Financial Planning services
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