We envision helping individuals, families & businesses in achieving their financial goals and aspirations, by empowering them with knowledge, credible research and personalized service offerings. We are here on a purpose, to establish financial fitness through financial literacy and financial freedom for each of our stakeholders.


Simplify personal finance and investment planning through enabled transparent financial services aiming at financial fitness.


We emphasize on trustworthy relationship oriented business practices, i.e., the reason why SBS offers most customized financial management solutions.

Since we manage your finances, we know it is confidential in its own capacity. Expertise of an entity we act as the Personal Investment Manager to each of our client.

We offer technology enabled financial management solutions for services like Risk profiling and Fund research with anytime-anywhere access to their portfolio.

Financial Freedom:-
Our goal is to make our clients ‘financially free’ through our services which cater to personalized goal planning from managing diverse portfolios to investing in mutual funds.

Value Creation:-
The very reason behind investment management is value creation. And we abide by the same goal across services, whether it is Investment plan or business tax planning.


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