SBS Fin provides personal finance literacy and wealth management solutions in the most affordable and organized way.

Our financial fitness models are devised to simplify your understanding on the financial know how and wealth management. You can connect to us financial solutions designed and applied for:

I. Wealth Management

Individual: Hand holding an individual investor on all financial decisions and wealth management.

Family: Comprise of up to 4 portfolios. Yourself, spouse and 2 kids.

Extended Family: Includes up to6 portfolios and largely preferred by joint businesses who share financial goals as well as assets.

All above packages are inclusive of resource sharing, knowledge management together through website and App. Instant portfolio reviews and connect with the team SBS Fin is also available on the app as well as website.

The client also gets a complimentary subscription of SBSFin newsletters and significant information related to markets.

II. Estate Planning

Estate Planning is significant aspect of wealth management and is often a requisite in families where wealth is not structured.

In such a scenario, SBS Fin offers:

  • Succession and Estate Planning
  • Managing and Administering Assets under the trust
  • Sourced advice on combination of legal structures to protect family wealth from risk
  • Transition Management

III. Financial Fitness Essentials


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