A financial plan is well prepared so that the important goals of an individual or family are achieved in a premeditated manner, through skilled & appropriate use of resources. In financial planning, the available resources, as time passes, are assigned to meet up with the goals, in the required time frame.

We do arrange for retirement life as well and ensure that the old age period is well funded – so that one can live comfortably, have sufficient funds to invest on travel or other goals, allocate money for their children and grandchildren, and follow any philanthropic goals he/she might have.

As the financial plan manages the family’s requirements through the lifetime of the individual or his/her spouse, difficulties can creep in when one of them passes away. In that situation, the profits get offered according to the laws applicable – which might not meet the requirements of the individual concerned. For example, a person may want his complete estate to go to his partner and after her lifetime, to his kids. Whereas, if the Hindu Succession Act pertains to them, it might be offered to his mom, better half & children in identical proportions. This was not supposed to happen according to him, but will nevertheless happen.

Our financial experts are well versed with the fine lines that goes into estate planning. We make sure as a service provider that you draft a proper estate plan, depending on whatever you have accumulated throughout your life. Our experts will help you draft the best financial plan which will not only be a will, but a detailed documentation of your needs and requirements. It will take care of you if you are ill with many other minute details. Customer satisfaction is our primary goal. Thus, we try to give the best services so that you do not have to change your financial planner.

Things to include in your estate planning:

Estate planning is not just about naming a heir who would own your personal belongings after you die. Your estate plan should be drafted while keeping these things in mind:

  • Make sure along with the materialistic valuables, you also pass on some value in terms of education, religion, hard work etc.
  • Make sure you include instructions for your care, in case you ill before your death.
  • If you have a responsibility of any minor in your old-age, make sure you name a guardian for the child as well as an inheritance manager.
  • Include the name of the members with special needs to get the benefits from your will.
  • Include your life insurance and other insurances for your family to be taken care of.
  • Include transfer of your business, after your retirement or demise.
  • Estate planning is not a one-time thing; so make sure to get into it early in your old age. Always keep reviewing the plan and update it as per the needs of the people around you or the circumstances that prevail.

Why most people ignore estate planning, is it right?

It is a misconception among majority that estate planning is for either the wealthy or old and retired people. But, let us tell you – this ignorance can cost dearly to their family. Death is inevitable and so is its time. You cannot be sure about the future and when the fateful day arrives. If you haven’t planned your estate, then your family members have to suffer and they only get bits and pieces of what they deserve. Making an estate plan is not child’s play either; sit down, talk to your family and start drafting a plan – about how and to whom your estate gets transferred and then keep updating it with changing times. This is where our services comes in handy. We take in all the details of your belongings, you family, their needs and then with your inputs, we create an estate plan draft that would be suitable and make you and everyone around you happy.

How planning will help you organize your records, correct titles and beneficiary designations?
What if you are all happy and healthy one day, and meet with an unfortunate accident the very next day, which ends your life forever. Do you think your family will be able to get access to your financial whereabouts, insurance policies etc? What if you did not pay attention while drafting the will or estate plan and named a wrong beneficiary for your belongings. This small error in judgement may become the cause of grief for many after your demise. It is advisable to keep a leveled head while drafting your estate plan, take the advice of your trusted ones and make necessary amendments as per the demand of time. These planning will help you organize, give correct titles and also help you determine the correct beneficiary designations.

Estate planning does not have to be expensive:

First and foremost, your estate planning need not be very expensive. You can always start from a small step, buy yourself a life insurance or accidental insurances. If you have a small family, start with a will, power of attorney for your healthcare related insurances and small things similar to these. When you progress in life further, you may review your planning and adjust according to the time and financial conditions.

Do not try planning everything by yourself to save a few bucks. Our attorney will provide the best possible solutions and ideas as per your financial needs. Being in the profession gives our experts an insight into the planning of your estate. Attorneys will also take care of the legal proceedings required for the job.

The best time to plan your estate is now:

It is a common misconception among the masses that estate planning is for wealthy and old aged retired beings, but let us tell you a secret to a master estate planning. The earlier you start, the better you will be prepared for the tough times. Planning for the well-being of your loved ones should always be your priority, so the best time to set your estate plans is now. Get in touch with our estate planning agent today, set small terms goals and take necessary advice whenever required. Nobody knows what future holds, but only the wise plan it in advance can adapt to changes over time. The same thing applies to estate planning as well, formulate it today and change it tomorrow. Our services help you to get the best advice from some of the starlets of financial markets. We make your job much easier than you might have imagined.

Disclaimer: We are a financial distribution company and have tied up SEBI Registered Investment Advisors for Financial Planning services.
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