Career Mistakes to avoid for better Financial Dynamics

“Write your own book instead of reading somebody else’s book about success.”

Herb Brooks

Career refers to a particular professional lifestyle choice that an individual makes in order to independently sustain in life and the society he/she lives in – earn a living and contribute to the economy. There is an immense competition in the society and hence, you need to integrate your ideas and strategize each step prior action.

One of the biggest snags that latch along with even a passion-based profession or career prospect are career mistakes which ought to be avoided and prevented upon for a better formulated future and management of financial dynamics. At SBS Fin, we work with lot of Millennials who are passionate and live a life of dreams and their idea is to fulfill each one of their dream – and that is where financial dynamics become significant.

Whether you are in a part time career, full time career, making a side income through your hobby, you must know the significance of financial fitness. Your life goals must have a financial goal as that forms the basis of all life goals.

How you are prone to make unwise decisions and career mistakes that incur a loss of assets and finance?

  • Overconfidence in your work
  • Rigid mindset about the future
  • Misunderstanding what you really want with momentary-influenced choices
  • Devaluing the company you work in
  • Lack of communication with co-workers
  • Distraction and Pessimism
  • Indecisiveness and escaping the reality

The root cause of a tremor in the management of financial dynamics with all due reference to career mistakes is misunderstanding the time value of money. As a practice we are not taught money management during childhood or even growing up years and the repercussions lead to complicated financial dynamics and the millennials struggle as they grow the corporate ladder parallel to their wish lists.

Below are a handful of ideologies with parallel financial mismanagement consequences which can act as a reference for you to clear of what the concept demands-

Analyze your skills and widen your scope of attaining potential

An individual should be wholly aware of his/her skills and strengths. Some people can be sharp at analytical skills while some might have strong logical skills and so on. The primary purpose is to enhance your existing skills and increase focus on creating progress. If you make regular expansions in your professional skill sets by exercising certain skills with mind games or by reading, it is bound to serve the purpose. It is important that you stay constantly focused, less over-confident and up-to-date about your field of profession in order to move forward.

Financial Dynamics Precaution: Investing money to achieve your goal is not the problem – the problem lies in being unable to understand your skill set and making the investments in wrong places instead. Life is all about risks but it is not wise to follow the same while handling finances in link to your career prospects. If you are in a stage where you are contemplating a career switch, trying an alternate career – the same should not impact your financial dynamics. Similarly, constant learning and skill building can be attained for growth if you have a balanced financial dynamic.

Do Not Settle

You must undoubtedly love your job. But that does not entitle you to permanently settle for what you do without exploring all your options. What inspires you now might just appear to you as an eye-candy in the times to come. Try to understand what the company/business expects of you and where you stand as an individual. Apprehend the goals that you have set for yourself, while simultaneously give your best at each opportunity you get to stand for your organization.

Financial Dynamics Precaution: We breathe and function in the upcoming Internet-Economy that helps us be potential to earn more money than we usually do. You should be consistent but not lazy and futile. Life is all about moving forward with the right pace, meaning do not hesitate in doing anything within your reach to maximize your income by moving forward in your field of profession and focusing on big money events in order to gain money and invest it in yourself. If you plan on boosting and pushing your income at an initial stage –  you tend to open doors of opportunities for a brighter future. Whether we work with solopreneurs or SMEs, our financial fitness expert Rashi Bhargava believes in not settling- she maintains one should not settle especially when it is about Emergency or Health corpus.

As a financial planning and wealth management company, we do not believe in settling as well. Whether it is the financial literacy, financial fitness tactics, physical fitness for financial fitness, wealth management tactics, portfolio updates etc, we believe in keeping our clients updated about the new products in markets.

Maintain the Focus & Remind yourself of the reason behind your Choices

Indecisiveness is the last thing that should come your way if you expect on outshining yourself from the past – to a better future. There can be instances when you would feel distracted of or think of negative things while you imagine yourself with your professional / career choice, years down the lane. This is a common feeling. The primary reason for which you need to analyze your skills and passion is to be aware of how inspired are you of your choices and of how much do you really value its worth. Not each opportunity comes your way casually, you have to earn it! You should feel satisfied with your career choice and be honest to yourself about it. You should ensure that your financial investment towards it and the energy devoted in attaining what you have is priceless and should serve the purpose of helping you spree at each opportunity.

Financial Dynamics Precaution: Always remember the motive behind each financial investment you opt for. For instance, if you plan on taking a loan for your education, it will hold value; whereas, if you choose to take loan in order to plan a trip with your family, friends or associates with the idea of repaying back, remember that it isn’t as worthy of the financial liability as it looks. Focus and confidence in self are the primary keys to attaining your prospective goals and you stand nowhere if you choose to ignore the basic financial equation: Income – Expenses = Savings.

Face the Reality

There is no guarantee or a form of security that ensures a consistent future. Focusing on factors like the stability, reputation and worth of your organization in the market plays a major role. No external factor can ever be secure and ascertained, except your internal will to grow and do better – hence you should be flexible with time and keep tabs of the circumstances around you.

Financial Dynamics Precaution: It is essential that you address to real-time common issues in finances within your environment. Always keep a backup financial plan for bad times and circumstances. Don’t just focus on curbing expenses, try to enhance your income by pursuing side-jobs or moving onto better jobs if the financial offers are more advance.

Henceforth, you should learn as to how and where to invest your assets, time & efforts and seek a brighter future and never stop believing in yourself!And if you think you need a personal session on financial goal setting, feel free to write to us on: