Documents required whilst purchase of a House

Buying a house is one of the ultimate dream in each & every Indian household. And as to many people, we felt there is a need to understand the basic documents required to purchase a house in India. Many a times, the buying of a house is seem to get stuck or delayed due to mistakes in the documentation. That is the reason team SBS Fin decided to share the details on documents required for purchase of a House in India.

A proper checklist is the most paramount step in property (house) purchase procedure. It involves a statutory and regulatory framework. Yet, it is so common that almost 80% of the clientele fail to submit and get complete documents at the time of purchase. Two things should be kept in mind prior purchasing a property:-

  1. Inquiring and analyzing various competitive costs and modes of funds.
  2. Protecting yourself from being a victim to sheer fraudulence.

Following is a list of documents to be checked before buying a house:-

  • Mother Deed/ Sale Deed/ Conveyance Deed

These are the former legal document that helps tracing the antecedent ownership of a property under the deal. Alternatively, in the absence of a mother deed, you must make sure that you obtain certified copies. A sale deed acts as the cardinal legal document for creating evidence for a sale and transferring ownership of property in favor of the buyer. You must also check whether the property under the deal bears a clear title, well-in-time before the sale deed is formulated.

Main Purpose of the document (strictly original): To establish esteemed ownership of the seller.

  • Khata Documents

Khata refers to an account, which, in this context means an account of an individual who owns property in the city. Khata documents are broadly divided into two categories: Khata Certificates and Khata Extracts.

The purpose of a Khata Certificate is for the initial registration of a new property and for transferring of a property. Khata Extract, on the other hand, is used for ferreting out details from the assessment register. This document is required to obtain trade license or to buy a property.

Main Purpose of the document (strictly original): For the transfer of property.

  • RTC Documents

This document is issued by the Village Accountants, containing extensive details about the extent of land in a survey number. It also contains details like the names of present and previous owners of the land, their tenants, mortgages, details of the soil, etc.

Main Purpose of the document (can be a copy): To establish title of the land.

  • JDA (Joint Development Agreement)

This property document forms an agreement between the builder and the individual landowner that ensures the landowner contributes the land and the builder undertakes advancing activities on it.

 Main Purpose of the document (can be a copy): To ensure distinctive authority and establish whether original title rests with the Builder or the Landowner

  • Power of Attorney

The general power of attorney is a prospect and legal document in which a person is given authority by another person to act on his/her behalf as the legal representative. This person is bound to make lawful financial and legal decisions.

Main Purpose of the document (strictly original): To ensure whether the prior Purchase/Sale was carried out by an authorized seller/buyer.

  • Authoritative Documents

The documents that come under this ensure that all government-related facilities are implemented and provided legally and procedure-wise. Even before starting construction at a site, the builder requires a NOC from all key Government Departments in full and revised authority. This can also lead to increase of expenses.

Main Purpose of the document (can be a copy): To legally ensure that all Govt. approvals are in place.

  • Construction Agreement

It is a vital property document which ensures legal permission for execution of work related to construction and involves transfer/sales of goods. This document should be submitted in original forum.

  • Demand drafts & Drawings of the property
  • Property Assessment Extract
  • Up-To-Date Tax Receipts’

This ensures that taxes have been paid regularly and on time until the date of sales, with bills like that of water or electricity should also be analyzed.

  • Foundation Certificate
  • Letter from the Builder

This warrants possession of the property and it being delivered to the buyer on the date specified in the letter as a note of verification. This document is required in an original form.

  • Sale Agreement with the Seller
  • Demand Letter from the Vendor
  • Contribution Receipt of the owner with Bank Statement
  • Release Deed
  • Completion and Occupancy Certificate
  • Deed of Declaration (To transfer ownership legally to the original buyer by the builder)
  • Auction Sale Confirmation Letter

This letter is issued by from the Local Development Authority and is required in case of any site purchased by independent house owners by methods of Auction by Local development authority. A copy of this document is permitted to be submitted (instead of the original).

There are a few more of documents which might be required for this purpose; however, the above is an overview of all the basic documents you need to efficiently prepare in order to formulate a legal and beneficial purchase of property. You should also seek professional guidance in order to gain immunity against ambidextrousness and artifice. For more details on Home Purchase or Home loans, feel free to write to us on